Patient Testimonials

" ...Love your office there, my dentist looks nothing like your place. Five year old magazines are the high point of the office instead of your fish tank.".... 
"I had 2 fillings to be done on the left side on my mouth, one top, one bottom.   I was a bit nervous for my appointment !
Anyhow...Michelle and Dr. Sbaiti were amazing, Michelle has a great "bedside manner" if you will, and we chatted away, fully felt comfortable with her. And Dr. Sbaiti is very laid back and makes you feel at ease. Aside from that though, they were fast, and efficient, when they told me both teeth were already done I was shocked! I thought they had only done one...
As odd as it is to say: It was the BEST appointment"
"To Everyone at Guelph Line Dental,  
Thank you so much for welcoming us into your lovely office and for providing mouhguards.  We will continue to spread the word about your Kindness and Generosity"
"Please let Dr. Sbaiti know that the work he did on Monday had an immediate positive effect and the pain has gone away. I am very grateful."