Bleaching or Teeth Whitening in Burlington Ontario

The importance of white teeth doesn’t need to be stressed upon. Apart from giving you a pleasing smile, they portray a healthy picture. But maintaining that shiny white smile is not an easy job. It requires a lot of care and attention to stay in full form, especially when we are faced with constant exposure materials which degrade the sheen of tooth enamel over the time.

Below are several factors which have been identified as possible causes for tooth discoloration:

  • Certain eatables and drinks may cause discoloration on regular intake, like coffee, tea, aerated drinks and alcohol.
  • Smoking regularly affects the tooth enamel in a negative way.
  • Lack of adequate oral hygiene can cause tooth enamel to lose its shine.
  • Certain prolonged diseases can cause stains on the surface of teeth.
  • With the advancement of age, the white outer layer of teeth starts fading away.
  • Repetitive dental restorations.
  • Some people have genetically thinner layer of tooth enamel as compared to others.

Modern day teeth whitening solutions can overcome these negative effects and give you that white smile you’ve always dreamed of, in no time. At Guelph Line Dental we offer a wide range of teeth whitening solutions.

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