Orthodontics & Functional Orthopedics in Burlington, Ontario

Malocclusion / ‘bad bites’ are commonly occurring dental conditions - They refer to patient’s teeth when they are not symmetrically aligned, around the two dental arches. Simply put, it is a condition where teeth are imperfectly aligned. Malocclusions are generally not seen as an urgent condition, but they are implemented quite often as they are popular due to the aesthetic benefits they provide. There is an array of customizable treatments and dental procedures available at our reliable dental office.

We at Guelph Line Dental offer dental treatments pertaining to orthodontics and orthopaedics (dental facial orthopaedics). The orthodontic options offered by us will benefit you with a a fashionable smile and improved self-esteem, along with a flawlessly aligned set of teeth.Orthodontics effectively correct dental irregularities such as teeth-crowding and disproportionate jaw interactions.

We offer a vast array of orthodontic options including partial braces, full braces, lingual braces, invisible braces, as well as appliance-based orthodontics.

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