Non-Surgical Gum Therapy in Burlington Ontario

Gum diseases are actually much more common than we think. A lot of people suffer from one or another type of gum disease and this can occur at any given age. Most periodontal or gum diseases at the beginning are very subtle and do not show any prominent signs or symptoms until they actually become severe. As the disease grows in strength, symptoms such as bad breath, loose teeth and swollen gums that bleed easily while brushing, start surfacing. While a gum disease in an aggravated state may require surgical treatment, in the initial stage it can be treated by non-surgical gum therapy.

Most periodontal diseases start in between teeth, in areas that are out of reach to toothbrush bristles. Accumulation of plaque in such areas and the creation of crevices by bacteria are the primary causes leading to periodontal diseases. Aggressive brushing and flossing can also gradually have an adverse impact on gum health as well.

Non-surgical gum therapy targets plaque that is hidden in gaps between teeth and gums, looking for signs of bacteria and cleaning them comprehensively.

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