Tooth Extraction in Burlington Ontario

Our dentist in Burlington, offers a number of dental solutions, from services aimed at restoration while others involve permanent tooth extraction. The procedure of extraction or removal of a tooth can occur due to many reasons, which may vary from the need to carry out other dental procedures or because the teeth may be severely damaged. A few common reasons for tooth extractions can be briefly described below:

  • Some restorative methods such as Dentures call for removal of teeth in some cases.
  • If a tooth erupts in the fracture line, its surgical removal may be required.
  • Due to trauma or decay, a tooth may incur irrecoverable damage. It shall be removed to guard the surrounding teeth from damage and to make way for certain dental procedures such as dental implants.
  • Sometimes, teeth are placed in such a way that they affect the growth of healthy and properly aligned teeth and hence they may be completely removed to ensure positive dental health.
  • The removal of impacted third molar or the wisdom tooth removal.

A visit to the Guelph Line Dental in Burlington may clear your doubts about teeth extractions. Contact us to find a solution to your dental troubles.

Tooth Extraction in Burlington ONTooth Extraction in Burlington, ON

Tooth Extraction in Burlington OntarioTooth Extraction in Burlington, Ontario