Bonded Fillings in Burlington, Ontario

Bonded fillings are done using a paste-like composite which bonds with the surface of the teeth, providing them additional support. The moldable properties of this composite restorations, gives dentists the freedom to make minute changes in the shape, size and color of the filling. That is the reason why they are able to achieve precise results and provide an overall natural look.

The procedure involving dental bonding is simple and short. Dr. Grant Yiu will be able to tell you more about the duration and methodology of the procedure after your visit to Guelph Line Dental. Request an appointment today, so Dr. Grant Yiu can examine your teeth and suggest any viable treatment options.

Bonded fillings are mostly used:

  • Fill cavities.
  • For filling gap between teeth.
  • Reshaping chipped teeth.
  • Leveling the uneven surface of teeth.
  • Replacing old or decaying fillings.

A big advantage that composite fillings enjoy over metal fillings or gold fillings is that they can be molded to match the color of one’s tooth enamel. Apart from being aesthetically more appealing, these fillings can be an affordable alternative to gold and silver fillings.

At Guelph Line Dental in Burlington, our goal is to find out the most viable dental solutions which meet your needs. While carrying it out in a hygienic and professional manner. Contact us today!

Bonded Fillings in BurlingtonBonded Fillings in Burlington ON