Athletic Mouthwear in Burlington Ontario

Whether you enjoy playing hockey, basketball, football or any other sport, it’s important to protect your mouth from possible injury. Guelph Line Dental offers UnderArmour™ Performance Mouthwear to maximize your protection and performance. UnderArmour™ Performance Mouthwear is different from conventional mouthguards by the fact that it uses special patented bite technology. This technology prevents jaw clenching and relaxes your jaw muscles by alleviating the pressure placed on your temporomandibular joint. As a result, your muscles stay more relaxed so you can perform to your full potential when competing.

Available in a wide assortment of types and styles, our athletic mouthwear is custom-made to ensure a perfect fit. You can also customize your mouthwear to suit your personality, such as by adding decals or a yellow biteplate if you want. Compared to conventional mouthguards, UnderArmour™ Performance Mouthwear offers superior comfort, durability, and protection.

To create your custom-made athletic mouthwear, we will first make impressions of your teeth and bite and send them to a dental lab to create your mouthwear. Once it's ready, which is usually takes 10 days, you’ll return to our office to pick yours up. We will double check that the mouthwear is a comfortable fit and make any necessary adjustments. We will also offer you cleaning and caring tips so that you can properly take care of your mouthwear.

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